Animal Communication


Animals have their own ways of speaking. While we might not hear words from them, they might be trying to tell us something with their body language or their energy. I received my training in animal communication in 2018 from a woman (who wishes to remain anonymous) born with this innate ability and thankfully able to cultivate it.

What to Expect

Animal communication appointments are pretty flexible. I don’t need to see the animal in person, but I do need two things:

  • A recent photo of the animal

  • Express and genuine permission from the owner to speak to the animal

It all depends on your convenience! I can visit to speak with the animal in person or invite you over for a consultation. What follows will usually be a conversation interspersed with meditation. I might use a notebook to write down what I’m hearing—I tend to do my best work in the written word.

Please note that Reiki healing can also be performed on animals if need be! But I’ll never do anything without your permission first. We all just want the best for our precious pets!