Home Cleansing


Sudden shifts of energy and emotion in the house? Children and/or pets reacting to things that aren’t there? Getting the feeling of being watched? Any sudden instances of unexplainable phenomena?

It could be a couple different things, and I’m here to help—not only to find out whether or not it’s supernatural in origin, but to deal with it if it is. I have five years of experience cleansing houses and I bring my own tools and expertise. All you have to do is call!

What to Expect

I’ll have to pop over for a visit for this kind of appointment. I’ll arrive with my own tools—you don’t need to provide anything except your own testimonies. We’ll sit down and talk for a bit about what’s been going on, and I’ll give you some space to air your concerns.

Then, we’ll do a walk-through of the house. In addition to my intuition, I’ll use several tools to figure out whether these happenings are supernatural or mundane, including my EMF detector, spirit box, and SLS camera. From there, we could go a couple different ways.

Sometimes, these kinds of things are caused by a spirit who wants to communicate a message; in that case, I’ll relay the message. Sometimes, negative entities take up residence in homes that let them in, whether on purpose or accidently, and in that case, I come prepared to banish them from the space.

We’ll usually end the walk-through with saging, a Native American practice that uses smoke from the sage plant to cleanse and reset the energy of the house. If need be, I’ll anoint the doors and windows with holy oil. Finally, I’ll make some recommendations for maintaining the house in order to keep the same energy from invading again, and I’ll be available to answer any questions.